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About Us

The idea of MUKA really began back in our college days. 

We would often lounge around (procrastinating instead of doing our animation assignments) and talk about all our outrageous ideas. We would dream of a future where we could carve a place for ourselves where we can express our creativity, where we could bring joy to ourselves and others through art. 

Fast forward half a decade, and we’ve learned so much. About the realities of our industry, of our world. We learned first hand the challenges an artist face in this era of shrinking attention span and rapid consumerism. We got mad every time we heard another story about another artist having their designs stolen or plagiarized. 

And so we started MUKA, a brand that’s run by artist, with products designed and made by artists. We want to create a new world order. A new reality where creativity is placed first instead of profit. Where fair treatment for artists of all background is a right instead of a privilege. Where every person from all walks of life can experience the joy of their truth being represented beautiful and unabashedly through the power of art.

MUKA encompasses everything we believe in: the beauty of art, the passions of life, and the diversity of experiences that exist around us. 

Will you join us in creating this new reality?