Here are the awesome artists we currently carry.


Badaboöm Studio

Badaboöm Studio is a screen-printing studio created by illustrator Jean-Luc Bonifay. It started with just a couple of prints on Etsy and quickly grew to a full line of quirky and strange t-shirts, pins, patches and prints. 

Becca Farrow

Illustrator, LADYCASTLE, I draw a lot and really like volcanoes, 1/2 of 

Chocolat Chaud

Canadian artist and professional cat lover currently based in Aichi, Japan. Nice to meet you!

Colourfy Me

A happy Toronto based designer obsessed with all things cute and creative. 

From Jae

"Bringing the sweetest puns, from me, to you."

Ivy C Draws

Ivycdraws creates cute and relatable products hoping to bring joy to all the people she encounters. 

Jackalope Factory

Jackalope Factory is a supply store for the dauntless warrior in us all, run by your friendly neighbourhood space wizard.

Lovestruck Prints

Lovestruck Prints is owned and operated by a queer woman in Montreal.I explore personal accounts of femme aesthetics focused on lesbian representation and womanhood through illustration.  

Louise Leung 

Vancouver based Chinese artist who draws predominantly characters with objects for heads and fat lucky cats.  

Michelle Simpson

Michelle is a professional freelance illustrator, she is currently at KeyFrame Digital Productions INC working as a concept artist for children's TV shows. 

Missy Rabbit

My Origami Collection was inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, the ocean, its waves, and the moon. Every line I create is connected to one another, also inspired by togetherness.

Radical Buttons

Feminist and social justice-themed accessories that promote self-empowerment and anti-oppression. 

Red Ribbon Shoppe

Red Ribbon Shoppe is dedicated to creating eye-catching designs inspired by nature and everyday life. 

Unpossible Cuts

Laser Cut products by the hardest working unicorns money can buy.

Vancouver Mermaid

Mermaid content creator bringing mermaid magic into the human world.