Who are you?

 We are a group of artists who happen to be life long friends sharing our love for creativity.


What Do you do?

We bring our own visions to life and collect unique items from the artists we adore. These are the gems and treasures we want to share with you.

We want to spread creativity and joy to everyone we meet! Being happy and creative isn't just a mysterious phenomenon, it's an essential part of life!


How did you start?

The idea of MUKA really began back in our college days. We would often lounge around and talk about all our outrageous ideas, dreaming of a future where we could carve out a place for ourselves to express our creativity, to bring joy to ourselves and others through art. We wanted to express the truths of our times, speaks to the importance of our values and represent the diversity of the world around us!


What's the point?

We have but one goal in mind: to make MUKA into an one-of-a-kind brand where every person from all walks of life can find a piece of themselves. Whether it be in a pin, on a shirt, with a sticker or through an art print we want to be a part of your journey! 






Get to Know The Artists

Here is a list of all the amazing artists we currently carry.
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